Student services

Student services

Student services represent an administrative bridge connecting the student body and the university.

 Student services deal with:  preparing student applications and exam records. Is in charge of the archive ; runs university books and documents, verifying the semester, issuing receipts and certificates, run all the university affairs, signing students up for the following year, dealing with student status, collecting signatures from professors which allowstudents to pass exams; deals with the documentation of students who were authorized by the Committee to swithch to a different student program; is responsible of making public all the information students need to be informed of (via bulletin boards), produces statistical reports on university activities for the sake of informing the government on the university affairs; deals with student requests and appels as well as with the decisions the university management makes regarding the same; organizes exam terms, manages the correspondence of university departments ; issues student documents from student records; deals with the protocol regarding student final exams and papers by forwarding student documnettaion and the application regarding the subject of student papers to the Committeee and student mentors; decisions on forming the committees which decide on the subject of the paper; takes part in the making of the university’s rulebook which rehulates I, II, III cycle studies; manages the process of determing the titles of each member of staff, receivng and protocoling the applications of new candidates fo the position of professors and associates, and the due process – preparing documents and decisions on forming committtees for choosing  new candidates, informs the committees and delivers all the necessary documentation; Delivers newly established reports to the Senate; deals with other affairs within its area.


Student services working hours (on both campuses) : workdays from 8am to 4 pm, provides student information form 9am to 1pm.


The Staff


Name and Surname Office Campus Telephone E-mail
Branka Biljić 200 Slobomir 055 231 153
Zora Cvjetković 202 Slobomir 055 231 105
Ivana Trifunović 202 Slobomir 055 231 152
Aleksandra Babić 202 Slobomir 055 231 152
Slavojka Erceg   Doboj 053 209 619
Radmila Đuranović   Doboj 053 209 620
Zora Tubić   Doboj 053 209 635