Art academy SPU a partner in Tempus project:InMusWB!


Art academy SPU a partner in Tempus project:InMusWB!

Autor: Danijela Maksimović


Tempus – Slobomir P University. From 17th to 20th November 2011 an initial meeting of participants, hosted by the project coordinator University of Arts in Belgrade,will be held in Belgrade. At this meeting, it is planned to appoint the Chairman and Secretary,to introduce partner institutions individually, then to do a general overview of the project and the roles and responsibilities of the project partners.The project work plan and tasks will be defined too, then administrative and financial aspects of the project. The project InMusWB, whose full title is: The introduction of interdisciplinary studies in music in the Western Balkans in accordance with the European perspective, will last for the next three years, and the Academy of Art role of Slobomir P University in this project consists of the following: – The improvement of the current program of study General Pedagogy (basic and master studies); – Feasibility study of a new program of doctoral studies at the Department of General Music Education; – Teacher training – Printing and publishing of the books and manuals – Providing the equipment for video and phono laboratory, video and audio CD / DVDs; – Providing books for the library – Implementation of the revised curriculum and enrollment of 10 students atundergraduate and 5 students at master studies; – Organizing guest lectures; – Organizing seminars and workshops for teachers of pre-schools and primary schools, music schools, music high schools and other secondary schools. Additional information on this project can be found on the website:

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