Entrance exam and enrollment

Entrance exam and enrollment


Within the entrance exam at the Faculty of Philology, all the important skills are tested, such as: Reading comprehension, Use of English, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing as well as translation skills. Reading comprehension tests the ability of the candidate to understand longer text in English and to reproduce relevant information to some extent. Use of English, grammar, vocabulary are used to test knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. The questions are in the form of adding, multiple choice, correction, etc. Writing tests the ability of the candidate to group his idea on a certain topic, the text cohesion as well as the knowledge and accuracy of grammar and vocabulary.

The maximum number of points a candidate can acquire at the entrance exam is 60 points. The final rank list of candidates is formed on the basis of the sum of points won on the entrance exam and their accomplishment in high school. There are examples of an exam which can be used to prepare candidates for the upcoming entrance exam.


Entrance exam sample 6 45 Kb
Entrance exam sample 5 50 Kb
Entrance exam sample 4 47 Kb
Entrance exam Sample 3 53 Kb
Entrance exam Sample 2 48 Kb
Entrance exam Sample 1 34 Kb